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Idiosync Solutions is an IT service provider specialising in network infrastructure & security, web design and e-business solutions.


Having a website is one thing. Making the most of the internet is another.

We offer a range of online tools to help you manage your website, organise your customers and leads, and streamline your e-commerce operations. What's more, our tools have been designed such that they can be easily customised to fit your unique requirements, and integrate with nearly any existing IT infrastructure you may have.

Below is a brief list of some tools created for various clients as they pursued the goal of improving the way they do business by leveraging technology. By focusing on improving existing processes the goal was to help them leverage technology to enable them to gain and serve more customers more efficiently with higher profits and lower costs.

  • eCommerce Solution - Designed specifically to help a business better serve their existing customers by facilitating online transactions of commerce.
  • Reminder Service - Stand-alone or integrated with an eCommerce solution, this service can increase sales, and provide a great service to customers.
  • Online 'Community' System - This system is a strong addition to any online offering where an enduring connection with visitors is strongly desired. Used to build your brand, promote sales, build a sense of connection, provide support, etc.
  • Online Application System - Eliminates paperwork and eases burdens placed on customers by allowing them to apply online. Supports applications of any kind (e.g. loans, registration, applications, etc.).
  • Calendar of Events - This works by providing fresh content on a periodic basis. Can be used to advertise events, promote products, ease customer service burdens.
  • Sales Lead Tracking Tool - Tracks the efficiency of a sales team. Calculates closing ratios, individual and overall performance, effectiveness of lead sources, etc.
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