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Idiosync Solutions is an IT service provider specialising in network infrastructure & security, web design and e-business solutions.


OpenLABS mission is to help you use Linux and other Open Source programs to their fullest. Open Source programs are revolutionizing the use of computers. By using programs such as the Linux operating system, the Apache web server, and others, your computers can be made to do what you need them to do, rather than have them do what vendors tell you you need them to do (if you need to re-read that sentence, go ahead, we'll still be here when you're done).

We do not "dabble" in Linux. We are not newcomers to the Linux scene. Our staff did not recently read a book and play with Linux at home and is now an "expert". We do nothing but Linux (okay, we'll integrate with Windows when we need to, but that's it!). And we've been doing it as our business for years (we've been doing it as a hobby for even longer). When you hire us, you are getting years of real world, hands-on expertise, not a johnny-come-lately to Linux.

Our mission is to enable small to medium size businesses with powerful computer solutions. One thing we've noticed in our years of experience in the computer industry is that large corporations automate as much as possible, while small companies don't. That's largely been because large companies can afford the very expensive computers and operating systems that allow such automation to occur.

With the advent of Linux, small companies now have the opportunity to have the same kind of powerful operating systems that only large corporations had access to in the past. We want to show companies how they can use that power.

With extensive experience is databases, systems programming, application programming, and trouble shooting, we know we can help you to use computers in ways you hadn't thought of.

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